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Fanduel Discount

Save $100 On Any NFBC Contest

For the fourth straight year, the NFBC and will be teaming up to save you money. Here's an offer we think you can't refuse. will once again be an event sponsor of the NFBC and in turn they will put money IN YOUR POCKETS! If you put $50 into an existing or new account, you will receive $100 off ANY NFBC contest. There is a limit of one entry per person, but this offer saves you $100 in the NFBC AND gives you a chance to win even more money at Here's the link to this special promotion:

Put $50 into Fanduel and save $100 in the NFBC. You can't beat it.

Fanduel is the #1 daily fantasy sports game today with annual revenues of more than $2 billion. If you're going to play daily games along with the NFBC season-long games, we want you to play with the biggest and the best, a place we can trust. And Fanduel will also help us create some weekly games on Tuesday's during the MLB regular season where NFBC owners will have a chance to win a free NFBC Main Event entry in 2017. Last year during 20 weeks of competition, 20 different NFBC owners won free entries. It was a great contest. Look for more details on this year’s Weekly Contest soon.

We're also proud to announce that will be sponsoring our NCAA Viewing Party in Las Vegas on Thursday, March 31st at 4 pm PT. It will be a fun gathering at the Bellagio Las Vegas and a great kickoff to the First Weekend events. Everyone is welcome to attend as we will have multiple Bellagio Penthouse Suites once again!

We haven't started charging for any live events yet, so if you sign up for any event and for Fanduel before Feb. 15th we'll automatically take the $100 off your bill. If you have an existing Fanduel account, just add $50 to your account and email and he will add you to the list for $100 off any NFBC signup. Bear will work closely with us to make sure we have everyone getting their discounts. If you happen to sign up after Feb. 15th and an NFBC charge goes through before we get the info from Fanduel, don't panic. We'll refund your card or send payment to you in the form of a check. Either way, we'll make sure you get your refund for this promotion.

Please remember that you MUST USE THE LINK ABOVE to get credit for this $100 off. That's how we can track all new signups. Thanks all.

We're happy to be working with Fanduel again and we look forward to saving you money this year and running contests with Fanduel that can actually earn you free Main Event entries. I love the combination. And on top of that, we're going to throw a kick-ass NCAA Viewing Party in Las Vegas!

ENJOY NFBC OWNERS! This is a savings for you and it introduces you to the top daily fantasy game in the industry. Gotta love it.