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Hall of Fame Series

The NFBC Hall of Fame Series challenges the best of the best in private high-dollar leagues. There are no overall prizes here, just league prizes. Featuring the Super, Ultimate,Diamond and Platinum League, the NFBC is offering the highest paybacks for entry fees ranging from $2,500 to $20,000. The championship series features 12-team and 15-team leagues and leverage on-location live drafts and online drafts.


Win $20,000

It's a step up from the main event with just league prizes. $2,500 cost and top prize of $20,000. Top three teams earn super payouts.

Enter for $2,500


Win $40,000

We offer Ultimate 15-Team Drafts and Auction Leagues. Winning the title and the $40,000 league prize is the ULTIMATE honor; finishing 2nd or 3rd wins money, too.

Enter for $5,000


Win $75,000

This contest features the best of the best. One league. 15 teams. $10,000 entry fee. Payouts to the Top 4 finishers, with first place winning $75,000.

Enter for $10,000


Win $200,000

Now in its second season, this league features 15 teams and a top league prize of $200,000. The payback here is 95% and we pay the Top 3 finishers. Wow.

Enter for $20,000


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